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Double your impact at you go for your goals this summer. Set a fundraising goal along with your personal goal!


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Kim Hawvermale

Kim Hawvermale fundraising for The Olympian Effort - Sponsor me per length!

$688 14


Mark Bergel

Mark Bergel fundraising for The Olympian Effort - getting into the spirit of it

$554 6


Anne Thompson

Anne Thompson fundraising for The Olympian Effort - Get Active, Change Lives!

$333 4


Leni Dworkis

Leni Lifts to Lift Others Out of Poverty

$258 6


Erin Fiaschetti

Kalynne and Erin's 33 Mile Challenge

$215 4


Nadav Karasov

Nadav Karasov fundraising for The Olympian Effort - Get Active, Change Lives!

$163 5


Andrew Campbell

Andrew's push to end poverty!

$155 3

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If the Olympics were coming to our nation's capital region this summer, instead of London, we would house all the athletes, feed all the athletes, and ensure that every athlete was well-prepared to succeed. Let's put forth an Olympian effort this summer to create change for every child and adult living in poverty, homelessness or simply under-prepared for success!

Make any physical activity you do this summer benefit the life of another. Fundraise for every mile you ride, every hit you get, every basket you score, or every flower you plant. Join our "team" and create a page to track your achievements! (To do this, click the "Fundraise" button in the green "Join Our Team" box to the right.)

For example, if a friend were to donate $1 for every mile you run and your goal is to run 5K three times a week. Each month you reached that goal, the $33 donated would furnish the home for one child or adult through the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program.

More numbers that make an impact through A Wider Circle:

$ 75 Provides a healthy lunch to the participants in Well Mother, Well Baby program

$ 80 Fuels the Change for one day and keeps our truck's gas tanks full to pick-up donations throughout the region - if those funds are donated through our Fuel the Change Campaign, we will recognize your accomplishment on that back of one of our trucks!

$ 132 Furnishes the home of an entire family

$ 575 Fuels the Change for a week!

The Olympics are a time when we feel great national pride and truly believe in reaching for greatness. It is time to take that spirit and apply where it is most needed.

Team Captain

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