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"The NORML Women's Alliance" a project of the NORML Foundation

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The NORML Women's Alliance is working to bring a contemporary approach to the public policy debate, and will proudly represent the interests of modern, mainstream women who believe that the negative consequences of marijuana prohibition far outweigh any repercussions from marijuana consumption itself.

Women are not only the moral fiber of our society, they will be the deciding factor in moving public opinion towards repealing marijuana prohibition. In order to reach out to more women, and continue to build a powerful coalition, the NORML Women's Alliance is looking to raise money to spread awareness in several different ways:

1) PSA's and educational announcements on websites, blogs and magazines.

2) Produce and distribute literature/educational materials about the NORML Women's Alliance, and the negative effects of marijuana prohibition on women and families.

3) Develop resources for our community organizers. Funding for travel, training and recruitment.

4) Provide scholarships to send more women to NORML conferences and related conventions/festivals.

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