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"The Miracle on the Mountain Team" is helping ICM to fund the building of 7 Churches a Children's Hope Center and 300 Mega Voice units.

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Lee Kleb

The "Miracle on the Mountain" Team

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Merrill Chance

The "Miracle on the Mountain" Team

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Mike Roth

What a great way to begin the New Year.

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Miriam Shook

The "Miracle on the Mountain" Team

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Rob Sorge

International Cooperating Ministries in El Salvador

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Robert Leatherwood

"Be apart of a Christmas Miracle"

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Rodney Benjamin

Brothers Beyond the Bay - helping to grow disciples and build God's church across the globe.

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22 people came to El Salvador from October 31st - November 4th of 2013. We were blessed to visit several congregations during this time. Some were completed churches in which we worshipped and thanked God for His provision. Others were with congregations that were in the process of building...while still others are praying that God will meet their needs...

Our team is about meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ in El Salvador and throughout the world. Please join us as we come together as a body to build His Church.

Team Captain

Mike Roth Mike Roth

I want to show people how they can be a part of multiplying the church around the world.

  1. Mike RothMike Roth 11/22/2013 at 10:38 AM ET
    I want to encourage you to use your web page...I posted it yesterday to Facebook and had someone text me because he and his wife want to get involved. I am meeting him today and will update you. Please email or call me to talk about any questions or concerns.. God Bless!