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Save All Orphans in Sierra Leone


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No Greater Love, International-NGLI is committed to providing homes, family, and care for numerous children in Sierra Leone, West africa, who lost lost ther parents and relatives during the cilvil conflict in their country. NGLI has already provided adequate comfortable home-facilities to help the kids live in a normal family environment, but financial help is needed for sustainability of the home and the children.

Every fund received will be expressly used for the children's education, nurting, devlopment, healthcare, and the running and up-keep of the home. The goal and objective of the Team is to possibly save all the kids without home and family in Sierra Leone from birth to the age of seventeen, complete high school until they are able to enter and become proud citizens and self-actualized. At the age of seventeen, a child living in the home will be realeased and enter into a fully integrated life of self-actualization. Nonetheless, the child will make period visit to the center and render helps on free will and as much as s/he is able and desire.

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Richard Shaka Richard Shaka

  1. Richard ShakaRichard... 12/10/2013 at 01:38 AM ET
    We are counting on you to help us give hope and life to the orphaned-children in Bo, Sierra Leone, West Africa