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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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The Leonites are a team of Leo supporters that have come together in the name of creativity & innovation to help support The Leonardo!


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Welcome Leonites! As we all know, our mission at The Leonardo is to fuse science, technology and art in experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds. But we do more than that. Here at The Leonardo we strive to make a positive impact on the world by cultivating a culture of philanthropy. We feel that it is important to give back to causes that are important.

This is a chance to embrace the culture of philanthropy and extend it to the world. By joining The Leonite Team and spreading the word about The Leonardo and Love Utah Give Utah, you will be entered to win big prizes while helping us compete to win $5,000!

Join our team and spread the word. We will be tracking every "unique" individual donor (a donor can be counted only once). If they have followed your link, you get credit. At 11:59 pm on March 20th, the employee with the most individual donors (not total dollar amount) wins! The minimum number of donors to qualify is 10. Every time one of your connections donates, you get one step closer to great prizes!

We have 3 prizes. (1st Place gets primary choice.)

  • 2-night stay at the Hayatt Place Downtown.
  • 2 Tickets to Rise of the Spring at Ballet West.
  • One month of front row parking in the underground lot for both part-time and full time employees


  1. DONATE. The amount doesn’t matter, the action does! And it counts toward your total.
  2. SHARE: Tweet! Post! Gram! Email! Phone! Tell everyone that you donated to The Leonardo through LUGU.
  3. ASK: Send your personal LUGU link and ASK that they match or exceed your donation. People want to give, they just need to know how and be asked.

Thank you all for being heroes and advocates for our cause. Good luck and keep an eye on the leaderboard!

All funds will be used to enhance the experience at The Leonardo and keep creativity and innovation alive and thriving in Utah!!!

Team Captain

Colin Gibbs Colin Gibbs