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"The Don Carters" a team to help the BIG BROTHERS-BIG SISTERS OF NEVADA COUNTY INC...Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser

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The don Carters

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Dear Friends and Family- This is the first year in 12 years that I have not been mentoring a 'little brother'. Ryan, my last 'little' graduated from high school last June and a couple of months ago moved to LA to go to a dramatic arts academy. He is passionate about acting and wants to give it a shot. I told him he needs to work on his waitering skills also as he'll need that day job to fall back on until he gets his big break. He's pretty focused so I won't be surprised if he doesn't beat the odds and become a big success.

Even though I'm not actively involved like I was in the past, I'm still passionate about Big Brothers and know firsthand about how they've changed the lives of so many at risk kids. It takes $1200 a year to support a match between a big and a little and BBBS of Nevada County has to raise all this money. I would love it if you can give anything at all, nothing is too small to help this great organization. Of course your contribution is tax deductible.

Nancy and I and another couple have formed a bowling team for this event. She doesn't know who Don Carter is, but some of you may and get a nostalgic chuckle. Thanks again for any help. Love, Alan Gratzer

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