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The Center 4 Peace is the collaboration of multiple non-profit organizations looking for a new home.


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A place is not a home without a heart. This fundraiser is meant to get The Embracing Project a step closer to a place of our own. At our flagship, The Center 4 Peace, we have the privilege of offering on-site programming, referrals to partnering & supporting organizations, therapeutic services, support for employment & education, a donation center, and empowerment & support groups. As we continue to grow, however, we are looking for a space better suited for our population.

The Center 4 Peace is the collaboration of multiple non-profit organizations. It is the intention that under one roof we may better serve those youth that have been touched by violence in any form.

A wide range of classes, activities, workshops and services are provided here to young people who have been affected by a wide range of dehumanizing treatment that affects the dignity of an individual. Some of these experiences may include: sex trafficking, gangs, domestic violence, street violence, sexual assault, bullying, armed conflict & war, refugee status, hate crimes & discrimination, and institutional violence.

Educational programs and workshops with a focus on trauma based training & holistic approaches to restoration are also made available at the Center for professionals who have the desire to learn about healing youth & families.

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