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To become our own Donors to serve the rural community disadvantaged in Africa.


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To fulfil the mentioned Statement,Vision, Mission and Core values in order to become our own donors. For info. visit website

To become our own SUPPORTING donors and the official mouthpiece for family businesses in Zimbabwe,South Africa and Mozambique to promote the total development and sustainability of family businesses and projects throughout all countries, to fund the Family Trust development, to build capacity regarding the following:

- All Trust survival projects development serving disadvantaged, orphans and vulnerable children, catering the with support of school sport games, school uniforms etc.

- All survival projects development, community trust centre ad thi end, - to enlist the active co-operation and support of Stakeholders and ensure that competent consultans, service providers service its members.

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Never Gorekore Never Gorekore

To become our own DONORS to serve the disadvantaged people

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