The 2014 Run for Africa's Youth

A team for The UNITE Foundation

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$2,370 raised of $6,000

We are putting our hearts and our feet to the test of endurance to support the UNITE Foundation and Camp UNITE!


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Christina Donnelly

Running for Camp UNITE

$770 28


Rose Lindgren

2014 Rose is Running!

$655 12


Chelsie Miller

Run for 2014 Camp UNITE

$345 8


Emily Malkin

Run for Camp UNITE 2014

$330 9


Justin Hugelen-Padin

UNITE and Run!

$250 2


David Do

10-Miles for Africa's Youth

$20 1

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We are a team of motivated and dedicated volunteers supporting The UNITE Foundation, a a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides funding for Camp UNITE, a transformative summer camp experience that gives young people from Togo the chance to learn and grow as future leaders of their community through hands-on exercises in health, small business skills, and team-building.

It costs about $200 to send one camper to Camp UNITE, so we have each pledged to go the extra mile and raise $300, teaming up to help the UNITE Foundation support as many campers as possible.

We will be running for Africa's Youth twice this year - once in the Spring at the GW Parkway Classic, once in the Fall (race to be chosen later). And some of us will be virtual runners - supporting the effort from home – wherever in the world that may be!

Last year we raised $4,882 for The UNITE Foundation. This year we’d like to push a little bit harder, run a little bit faster, and aim to get $6,000. That’s the equivalent of sending 30 young leaders to Camp UNITE!

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Supporting young people in West Africa!