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Give warriors and their families peace and hope for a brighter future as well as, healing through a unique kayak fishing program.


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Our Nation’s Wounded Veterans Need Your Support

Our nation’s warriors have made physical and mental sacrifices for our freedom. Thousands are returning home to their families and find themselves facing a new battle to find their place in the world and restore a sense of normalcy. We owe a debt of gratitude to our Heroes. We can help them win the battle.

Why Support Heroes on the Water?

Heroes on the Water exists for one purpose…to help our nation’s warriors and veterans from all branches of the military by providing healing and rehabilitating kayak fishing outings that are physically and mentally therapeutic.

You can help veterans experience this life-altering program. Participants have experienced:

- 78% reduction in overall stress

- 77% reduction in hyper vigilance

- 63% reduction in avoidance behavior

More importantly, they are able to restore peace to their families and begin the journey back to wholeness, as veteran Travis Clennon explains:

“Growing up in rural Missouri, I never imagined my life as it is now. One minute, I was young, strong, and bullet proof. The next thing you know, my body had been blasted by a roadside bomb, my spine was broken, and I would probably never walk again. The damage was not only physical, it was mental devastation.

Every day was a battle to regain purpose, dignity, and goals to carry on. Heroes on the Water helped me win the battle to live. Who would have thought that the simple act of kayak fishing would mean so much?

With the first paddle stroke in the Guadalupe River, I realized, “This is something I can do.” Unassisted, I was able to navigate my kayak down the river, building confidence all along the way. For the first time in quite a while, “I was at peace with myself, enjoying the company of other wounded veterans, without a worry in the world, while enjoying the weather and casting a line.”

Founded in 2007, our unique kayak fishing program offers a chance to decompress from the stresses associated with combat and the physical rigors of rehabilitation. Over 11,100 veteran days on the water have been provided to warriors nationwide at no cost to them or their families, thanks to donations from people like you.

Consider the impact you can have on a warrior’s life for a lifetime!

Our program is unique in that it is a long-term activity, not a one-time event, providing the camaraderie and social network that warriors need for the long term. Teams of committed volunteers deliver the program in communities across the country.

A warrior described kayak fishing as “Triple Therapy,” which is three types of therapy in one setting: Physical therapy from paddling and fishing, occupational therapy learning a lifetime sport/activity, and mental therapy from relaxing in nature with no distractions or expectations of performance.

Be a Hero to a Hero Today! Make a contribution by selecting a “Donation Level” in the right column or “Choose an Amount” – you can make a one-time gift or monthly donations.

You will give warriors and their families hope for a brighter future with whatever amount you choose to give.

How else can I help?

We understand that not everyone has the funds to contribute, but we believe everyone has a voice! Here are some ways you can help without donating funds:

  • Spread our story by telling your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, basically anyone you come in contact with! This will build buzz about our campaign and give us more opportunity to reach our goal!
  • Use the Razoo share tools! This is a phenomenal way to reach your social network and boost our campaign within the Razoo community!

Thank You!

Team Captain

Jim Dolan Jim Dolan