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While most fundraisers center around a physical activity that requires ability, this one seeks to inform people about the things ALS takes away. Team members spend a day (or an hour--your choice!) giving up an ability in an effort to *begin* to understand what life is like for a person with ALS. They recognize that the experience is a fraction of what people with ALS deal with, all day, every day. What would you give in order to live normally again? What would you give to end this disease?

Funds raised go to ALS TDI, a non-profit devoted to developing drugs to combat ALS and save lives.

CHALLENGES (pick one):

During the week of Aug 1-8, pick a day and...

-have someone wash your face and brush your teeth (Give up your arms/hands)

-have someone feed you meals (Give up your arms/hands)

-type on your phone/write on paper to communicate (Give up your voice)

-EXTREME CHALLENGE! use a wheelchair all day (Give up your legs)


-Start Now: Join the team! Create your fundraising page and reach out to your network to start raising money.

-During the fundraising period: Post photos of you holding your #WhatWouldYouGive poster (provided by team captain) on social media, using text like “I’m giving up my right arm for the day.” “I'm giving up my legs.” “I'm giving up the ability to feed myself on [date].” #whatwouldyougive #letsmakeALShistory

-Day of the Challenge: Keep it respectful. You don’t have to be sad and depressed all day! Sometimes when people help me with my basic needs, it can actually be funny. Go ahead and laugh, but videos of you cracking up while someone brushes your teeth are probably not appropriate. :)

-After the Challenge: Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences on social media with hashtag #whatwouldyougive. Continue encouraging your network to donate! The fundraiser is live through August 31.

Team Captain

Adam Gracia Adam Gracia