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As part of the Entrepreneurial Marketing Classes at Temple’s Fox School of Business, students have been assigned a project designated “10-10-10”. The basis of the 10-10-10 project is to create 10 student teams per class section, each of which is given $10 seed money and tasked to multiply that by at least a factor of ten by the end of the semester.
The constraints of the projects are four-fold.  First, the project must be focused on “doing good” ̶— raising money for a charity, organizing volunteers for a clean-up, working to improve schools, etc.  Second, the students must develop a clear marketing and PR strategy that includes social media as a key element of their marketing plan.  Third, students must track all expenses, donations, and sponsorship money’s received on a weekly basis and submit receipts from the organizations they are supporting with their final project report.  Fourth, and most important, the students must aim for creating a sustainable entity that can continue to benefit their chosen charity or cause.
After two to three classes that present an overview of the project goals and a summary of past projects, the students form teams and choose a project.
In order to earn the $10 investment, the teams present their project plan to a “Shark Tank” —a panel of business people who give them feedback and often times leads. The students then put their plans into action.
The project has been a great success ̶— over the past 5 years, 202 students teams have raised over $260,000 in cash donations for a wide variety of charity and community organizations, collected significant in-kind donations, put in well over 2,600 hours of volunteer hours, and gotten many businesses and organizations involved with their efforts. The students have learned key lessons that are not just academic. They learn about real business situations, risks and benefits of social involvement, as well as life in general. More importantly they learn that “Small groups can make a difference”, “You don’t have to be rich to give”, and “Helping other people makes you feel good.

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