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Raising awareness about Sickle Cell Disease and the need for Bone Marrow Donors to help cure those in need.

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Cameron Dukes

Cameron Dukes fundraising for #TeamSwabYourCheeks

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We are dedicated to raising awareness about Sickle Cell Disease and the desperate need to get more people, especially people of color, to register as a bone marrow donor. We want to film a documentary that focuses on the life of Kami Dukes who has SCD, Randell who was just recently matched as a donor to cure someone with cancer, and also look at individuals with SCD who have been cured through bone marrow donation.

The average cost of a well-filmed documentary is between $300,000 to $1,000,000. We realize this would be extremely hard to raise this type of money. Due to partnerships that we have developed in the film community, we have set a 12 month target goal of $100,000 to film the documentary. This will produce a full length documentary that could be reproduced in any format for film. We have a plan set in place to film at different levels of funding if we do not reach the full $100,000 goal, but we feel this number would accomplish the vision we have for the film. Anything over $100,000 would help market and promote the film and also go to help pay hospital bills of families that were willing to be involved.


Be selfless and understand that this project has the potential to save lives!

Be willing to share the campaign across social media at least two or three times a week for the full 12 months.

Be willing to participate in fundraising and social awareness events in the community when possible. This is not a requirement, but highly encouraged as every extra pair of hands is beneficial.

Be willing to recruit other team members that you believe would share the same passion to help raise awareness of SCD and the need for bone marrow donors.

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Derek Colvin Derek Colvin

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