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"#TeamMJCS" a team to help the MORRIS JEFF FAMILY PARTNERSHIP...

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  • Sheldon Williams: Join #TeamMJCS
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In 2015, Morris Jeff Community School will be housed in a brand new facility near our present community in Mid City New Orleans. It is a gorgeous three story complex where our children will gather to learn and build character through cooperative learning.

The only thing we're missing is a new playground. And you can help bring it to full fruition. Join #TeamMJCS as we ask our family, friends and neighbors to join in to creating a sustainable playground for our children and those in our neighborhood. Whether it's $5, $50 or $500, every single (tax deductible) donation is appreciated. But we won't put any limits on what you give.

#TeamMJCS is a parent and community led team who understands the importance of physical play for children. Creating healthy, playful children helps to combat many of their body's ills. This playground will be the start of many years of building character through play at Morris Jeff Charter School.

Please donate today.

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Sheldon Williams Sheldon Williams

I want to help build a playground for Morris Jeff Community School.

  1. Pamela MarquisPamela... 12/11/2014 at 02:03 PM ET
    If you hit "A team for Morris Jeff " above it will link you to some videos that will tell you more about this worthwhile project.