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Help support team "Wall Street" as they travel to San Pedro Sula for a week of service, ministry, and outreach to those often forgotten!


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Anthony Giordano

Tony & Virginia's - Team "Wall Street" Honduras Mission

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Melissa & Chad Charles

Melissa & Chad's Fundraiser - Team "Wall Street" Honduras Mission

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Bethany Seale

Bethany Seale fundraising for Team "Wall Street" Honduras Mission

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Margaret Reed

Margaret's fundraiser - Team "Wall Street" Honduras Mission

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Carlos Cracraft

Bo's fundraiser - Team "Wall Street" Honduras Mission

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In 2013, a group of financial professionals along with their family and friends decided to spend a week in San Pedro Sula, Honduras serving along side Sparrow Missions. They are back in 2014 and looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead!

Please prayerful consider joining us on this venture! All money raised will help offset the cost of travel and ministry for the team. Any money raised above and beyond will directly support the Sparrow Missions Children's Home, which will begin housing infants and children in the Spring of 2014!

God Bless!

Team Captain

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