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"Team Teule" a team to help the TEULE...


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Teule is a USA 501(3)(c) non-profit supporting Teule Kenya.

Support Our Mission Team Projects!

Seven of us will be heading to Teule Kenya, a children’s home located in Oloitokitok, Kenya, this August. There are several projects we will be working on and need your help in raising funds for these projects. This is NOT for our travel expenses. Our goal is $5000!

The projects are:

Update Technology - $800

Provide 2 new PC’s for office use. We will have a computer lap onsite to teach typing to the children.

Farm Projects - $XXX

Install new and expanded drip lines for irrigation (picture)

Repair chicken coop (picture)

Building Improvements/Repairs - $XXX

Fix the fencing around the complex, (picture) hire local workers

Install gutters for buildings in complex (picture), hire local workers

Repair of 8 bicycles (picture), hire local worker - $XXX

Video production of Jon Juu and Testimonies of the children - $1000

Purchase hoola hoops, beads, and soccer balls. $XXX

About TeuleKenya

Teule means Chosen One in Swahili. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization that strives to share the love of Christ with children by building relationships that give them hope for the future in a nurturing environment that supports excellence in education, career development, personal and spiritual growth. We have 100 children that call Teule Kenya home.

Team Captain

Jayne Denwood Jayne Denwood