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Team Terp Strengthening Nursing Capacity in Rwanda


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Team Terp members are University of Maryland School of Nursing faculty who have joined faculty at other leading US nursing institutions, including New York University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Howard University, University of Texas, and Duke University in the Rwanda Human Resources for Health program. We are based in Rwanda for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year or longer.

Former President Bill Clinton described the funding of the HRH program in September 2012, saying, “To make it work literally for the first time in my lifetime, these American Universities have agreed to work at this at an overhead cost for the first two years of only 7%,” adding, “93 cents to the American taxpayer dollar designed to help Rwanda develop its own healthcare system will go to train the people of Rwanda.” (

We are proud of our commitment to pursue this ambitious project in a resource-limited setting. Nonetheless, there are a few office items we might take for granted in the States which would vastly improve the quality and efficiency of our work. This is your opportunity to take part in our exciting journey.

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