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"Team Taylor" a team to help the CHILDHOOD RND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION INC...

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  • Burlington Press: Go Team Taylor
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  • Val & Frank Viggiano: I hope you raise alot of money for a very worthy cause, good luck!
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  • Jeanine Miles: You are an amazing person with a positive attitude!!!
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Taylor Miles was diagnosed with RND after spending 4 months in a wheel chair unable to walk due to the severe pain casued by RND. Today she is running and playing sports and doing everything an eleven year old should do.This is attributed to the amazing RND program at CHOP (Dr. Sherry's Program) and research supported by the RND educational foundation.

We are so grateful for the program and want to give back so they can continue to help these kids receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment!!!

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Jeanine Miles Jeanine Miles

Give back to the program that gave my daughter back to me

  1. Jacqueline PellicanoJacqueline... 10/17/2012 at 11:26 AM ET
    We are so happy to donate to a fantastic program that helped take the pain from our beautiful Taylor