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Recon: To search, to find, and achieve our mission, to help those with disabilities be set free, If I can do this, I can do anything!


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Our team is made up of a group of people who support the mission and purpose of TAASC, which gives those with disabilities a chance and the encouragement and the tools to achieve adaventures in various recreational activities! Keith, our lead member of the team, has benefitted from recreational activites like adaptive skiing, water skiing, kayaking and new in 2011 they have combined forces with the Columbus rowing Association! Bethany, Keith's amazing sister is volunteering with TAASC and hopes to continue to help out any way she can! Please help us achieve our team goal in raising funds for TAASC!We had the pleasure last year of being able to attend not only the winter skiing events but we also was able to go to the Water skiing camp where he had the opputunity to meet some members of the Wounded Warriors and enjoy watching and expericning the great events that TAASC provides. TAASC is volunteer lead and is 100% privately funded, so help us, give back!

Funds donated help in so many ways, operating costs, equipment for members, scholarships for those who need financial help, and so much more! Have we told you yet, TAASc is ran by volunteers?!

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