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Run for Recess! Help Playworks Baltimore bring the power of play and recess to 10,000 low-income Baltimore City School students.


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Join Team Playworks Baltimore and help raise awareness and funds for 10,000 students in 24 Baltimore City partner schools. By joining our team and encouraging your circles to support you, your efforts will help;

  • create schools that are safe, inclusive, and conducive to learning;
  • nurture healthy, caring and responsible kids who become good citizens and contributors to their communities;
  • build a community of people who are devoted to kids' access to safe, inclusive and healthy play, and physical activity.

Suggested donations:

$35 - provides balls and cones for 1 school

$75 - provides motivation and leadership opportunities with Junior Coach t-shirts for 1 school

$125 - covers travel for 2 teams to interscholastic developmental after-school sports leagues

$166 - covers the cost for 1 child at a Playworks school for a year

$250 - covers recruiting costs for 1 Playworks coach for a new school

$500 - covers recruiting costs for 2 Playworks coaches for a new school

$1,200 - covers 4-hour training for parents, teachers, and staff

Playworks' mission is to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play. Research shows that play is essential for child development, physically, emotionally and socially. Playworks is the only organization working not only to save recess but to use it as a transformational tool for educators and children. We have developed a simple, replicable and inexpensive model that increases physical activity, accelerates learning, teaches conflict resolution, greatly reduces or eliminates bullying and returns instruction time to teachers. Playworks’ root cause and upstream approach promotes a healthy school environment through systemic change. In Playworks schools, children are more active and experience their school day as inclusive; they feel safe and are provided with experiential opportunities to develop critical social, emotional and leadership skills and kids return to the classroom ready to learn.

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Playworks for every kid. Playworks for every kid.