Team Parker: A-Cross Country Relay

A team for Selah

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Because all life is beautiful and valuable we run (and walk).


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Colleen Parker

Colleen Parker fundraising for Team Parker: A-Cross Country Relay

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Esther Drebelbis

Esther Drebelbis

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Kari McDowell

Kari McDowell fundraising for Team Parker: A-Cross Country Relay

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Pat Girton

Pat Girton

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Bonnie Girton

Bonnie Girton

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We're running and/or walking :) one of the relay legs going through Steamboat Springs in "A-Cross Country Relay" (organized by LifeRunners) to raise funds for Selah's medical programs.

Selah is Steamboat's Pregnancy Center and is a safe place to get straight answers about pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and all the ramifications, with people who care.

Team Captain

Colleen Parker Colleen Parker

To raise funds for the cause of life via walk/run events