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"TEAM OWR" a team to help raise funds and awareness for Orphans and ORPHAN WORLD RELIEF...

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Nathan Stoltzfus

Running for Orphan World Relief

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Rich and Erin Hendricks


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Rich and Erin Hendricks

We're running for the Orphans

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Our team consists of recreational runners who desire to run for fitness and a cause. Our cause is for Orphans around the world. We have partnered with an organization that we know and trust is doing a great work among Orphans both stateside and around the world. The organization is Orphan World Relief

OWR's current reach allows them to help children from five different countries and three continents. In addition to providing financial support, they work with orphanages and other organizations to help them become more self-sufficient in consistently providing children with the basic needs of good (nutritional) food, a safe place to live and an education.

OWR has recently started a stateside program called My Comfy Kits.

My Comfy Kits is a program through Orphan World Relief designed to help local children entering the foster care system achieve a sense of security and dignity. Most kids leave their families with little more than the clothes on their backs and maybe a trash bag full of belongings. My Comfy Kits pairs age-appropriate backpacks and diaper bags with children to provide them with needed care items like diapers, formula, and toiletries as well as a few items to help them feel secure during the transition, including their own blanket (donated by My Very Own Blanket) as well as stuffed animals and a journal.

Their goal is to make the child's transition a little less scary and more reassuring.

Will you join us in helping us reach our goal of raising $10,000? With your help we know we can.

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Rich and Erin Hendricks Rich and Erin Hendricks