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2016 Cade Foundation Race for the Family hosted by Shady Grove Fertility


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The Cade Foundation's Maryland Race for the Family, hosted by Shady Grove Fertility Center, is our 5k run/walk that celebrates the strength and courage it takes to OVERCOME infertility. All proceeds from the event fund Family Building Grants that help others afford the costs associated with fertility treatment or adoption.

Love families? Love animals? Love running or walking? Love sleeping in?? Let's RUN (and walk) or sleep in (no judgement) for families struggling with infertility at the MD ZOO!

Your donation will help us support families struggling wtih infertility with information conferences and grants for adoption and fertility treatment. This is the 11th Race for the Family- and through your past support- we have provided 58 families with grants of up to $10,000 for fertility treatment and adoption and there are currently 58 Cade Foundation babies!!!

This activity is more than an athletic event. It is a safe place for families with infertility- and an opportunity for all of us to get encouraged and experience community- in ways that are tough outside of the fertility world. We will have a lot of fun- but if you aren't able to attend (or you want to sleep in) you can still help in really important ways!

Donating to this activity is a great way to support us and partner with us as we support families.

For every $40 you donate to a fundraisers page- they will receive one additional raffle entry for a FREE IVF at Shady Grove Fertility Center! Your gifts and sacrifices- whether they are financial or otherwise- are appreciated.

Join us as we celebrate and spread the message that infertility can be OVERCOME!

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Dr. Camille Hammond Dr. Camille Hammond

OVERCOME infertility!