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Helping Horses for the Spirit meeting its fundraising goal at Midtown Wine Bar!


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Team Midtown Wine Bar is gonna take Reno by storm in its efforts to support Horses for the Spirit in a short 2 hour period while enjoying fab wine served up at the Midtown Wine Bar.

From 6pm to 8pm on November 17th, join us at our Meetup at Midtown Wine Bar and be sure to join our Team too!

Donate $25 or more and you get a flight of wine or a glass wine for a mere $3! Just bring your receipt for your donation made on November 17th to Horses for the Spirit... or donate at the bar while you are there, after a couple drinks, of course.

Can't be there? Join the Team, spread the word and/or donate on November 17th anyway!

Horses for the Spirit partners horses and humans for positive transformation -- what's not to love about that?!

Being a team member is pretty easy - sign up, spread the word, show up at our meetup and donate to help kids in Washoe County benefit from Horses for the Spirit's Equine Assisted Learning programs!

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