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A team raising funds for multiple causes

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All contributions raised by Team Library will go to FWCS Study Connection, who pairs students with tutors for homework help and mentoring.

Team Members

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Edith - 1988 Spelling Bee Champion, Rockingham County, Virginia

Mike - Editor of scientific journals

Deb - Expert in all things entertainment-related

Ian & Jen - 2002 Grown-Up Spelling Bee Champions, Lafayette, Indiana

Bessie - Has read every fiction book, ever, and most of the nonfiction

Six librarians, two teams. If we only raise enough for one team, we'll have a spelldown to decide who competes. Librarians are wicked smart, and we want to prove it by outspelling our competition. Librarians are also ridiculously generous and well-connected, and we want to prove THAT by having our friends pitch in to raise money for a great cause!

Team Captain

Edith Helbert Edith Helbert