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"TEAM LEATHERNECK" a team to help the TEAM R4V INCORPORATED...Forging elite fitness pretty close to but not quite at the tip of the spear.


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Military Affiliate of CrossFit Inc on board Camp Leatherneck in Helmand Province Afghanistan. We are forging elite fitness pretty close to but not quite at the tip of the spear.

Through hard work, leadership, and devotion to physical fitness, volunteers help to maintain classes 7 days a week for an hour or longer per session. With 5 sessions being held each day. The volunteers dedication, attention to detail in setting up for the Workout of the Day and maintaining the cleanliness of the box allow us to maintain classes without compromising the mission. With an average of twelve to twenty students per session, we work as a team to improve the fitness level of numerous service members from all branches to include all the US military service members, the Brits, Danish, Georgians, Contractors and Civilians stationed aboard Camp Leatherneck. Several key leaders from the Army and Marine Corps have attested to the enthusiasm and attentiveness provided to the athletes, and the significant contributions to the overall improvement of several service members physical fitness test scores over the course of time spent at CrossFit Leatherneck.

Several Wounded Warriors have participated in WODs during their recovery phase aboard Camp Leatherneck, and competitions have been held to inspire people to work harder to achieve their goals. We hope to raise awareness and make a difference in how folks view physical fitness across a broad spectrum. Our goal is to inspire anyone stationed about Leatherneck to participate in our Workouts, and an even larger goal of having folks leave here with a sense of accomplishment and the desire to seek out their local facilites or continue training on their own. On Feb 15th EACH one of our classes will participate in the Lactic Acid Love Affair WOD, we will take pictures, and have fun all day in hopes to remind everyone that no matter where you are, or what shape you may be in, by putting your fears aside and focusing your mind and body...anything is possible! Semper Fi Warriors.

Team Captain

Chris Calhoun Chris Calhoun

  1. Joseph PlankJoseph Plank 02/26/2014 at 10:47 AM ET
    Hey Team Leatherneck! Thank you so much for raising funds for our wounded veterans! Anyone who raises $150 will receive a sweet Lactic Acid Love Affair shirt! There is still time to hit your goal! We order shirts next week. Thanks so much for your support of our wounded vets!
  2. Chris CalhounChris... 01/14/2014 at 11:21 AM ET
    Time to raise the bar and push those limits!