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"Team Kayoro " a team of runners and walkers helping ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST raise support for healthcare in Kayoro, Uganda

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Welcome to the Razoo fundraising page for Team Kayoro, a ministry of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church.

Team Kayoro is a group of runners and walkers fundraising to support travel costs for a volunteer team headed from St. John’s to Uganda to serve at the St. John's Kayoro Health Center and in the surrounding community in January of 2017. The Kayoro clinic is a partnership between St. John's, the local community in Kayoro, and Give Us Wings - a nonprofit based in both Africa and St. Paul working to bring relief and development to both Uganda and Kenya.

So, you might be wondering, why fundraise to send a traveler to Uganda?

The answer is actually quite simple. The clinic St. John's helped build, and now supports, is growing. The numbers of patients treated by the clinic and its staff are rising steadily and the cases of several diseases found within the clinics catchment area are declining in response. What’s more, every time a group of travelers from Give Us Wings USA goes to Kayoro, the clinic reports a significant spike in use of their resources.

It makes sense. The travelers bring renewed energy to the staff, rekindle relationships in the community, and bring with them a needed influx of basic medical supplies and medicines. Our continued presence at the clinic is a huge support to the work it does. Additionally, fundraising, particularly outside of the immediate St. John’s community, is an opportunity for us to spread the word about the need for quality healthcare in Kayoro and places like it.

Over the next 6 months the runners will be training to compete in either the Twin Cities Monster Dash Half Marathon or 10k. Meanwhile, the walkers will be setting rigorous individual mileage goals - check team member profiles to hear what those goals are. The people who use the St. John’s Kayoro Health Centre often travel great distances on foot just for the most basic health care. As we train and prepare and raise support for the clinic, in a very literal way, we will be going the distance both for and with our friends in Kayoro.

Please make a donation to our team or to an individual on the team and help us go the distance for Kayoro!

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Jered Weber-Johnson Jered Weber-Johnson

Seek and serve Christ in all people, loving my neighbor as myself.