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"Team Jon Andrew" a team to help the UNITED CEREBRAL PALSY OF NORTHWEST ALABAMA keep serving special needs kids and their families!


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From the latter part of 2005 through 2008, the United Cerebral Palsy of Northwest Alabama ministered to and served our son Jon Andrew and in so doing, they brought fresh life to our family. Jon Andrew was born in February of 2005 and in July of the same year he was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy, Infantile Spasms. Infantile Spasms is one of the few forms of epilepsy that brings mild to severe mental handicaps; Jon Andrew is the latter. July of 2005 brought a "new normal" to our lives. The UCP of NW Alabama helped us by giving Jon Andrew the much needed therapy he needed early on to give him a chance at a better life in the future.

Having a son that is severely mentally handicapped has changed the way Kristy and I have thought about pretty much everything. We think differently about breakfast and dinner because these are the times where we have to give Jon Andrew a handful of medications. It has changed the way we have thought about stairs, because our son could have a seizure and bust his nose, his head, or worse. It has changed the way we have thought about how we minister to others with special needs because 80-90% of families with special needs kids will rarely set foot in a Christian church due to fear, the inability of the church to care for their child, a mix of both, and a host of other reasons.

The UCP of NW Alabama helped our family when we needed it the most, when the fog was so deep in our own life that it was hard for us to hope or to see hope. The cool thing is that our family is not alone! The UCP has helped countless other special needs kids with a wide range of disabilities and their families.

You can help too! Kristy and I have a team of people that are running in the UCP "Life without Limits" Half-Marathon on Saturday, October 27th. If you would like to show your support for our team, the UCP, and the other special needs kids & their families, please consider making a donation. How much you give doesn't matter, but giving something to a great organization like this is better than taking no action at all.

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Thanks in advance for your support!

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