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Help Save Lifes in our Community on May 8th! You can save a life today by being a part of Give BIG San Bernardino County with LifeStream!

LifeStream is a private, nonprofit, 501 (c) (3)
comprehensive blood center serving more than 80 Southern California medicalfacilities. The organization was founded in 1951 as Blood Bank of San
Bernardino and Riverside Counties (BBSBRC) with the purpose of maintaining anadequate and safe blood supply for local hospitals. In 2008 the
organization’s name was changed to better reflect its growing service area andtotality of services offered. LifeStream operates five donor
centers located in San Bernardino, Riverside, Ontario, Victorville and La Quinta.Blood components are stored and distributed from San Bernardino, La Quinta, Victorville and Placentia.

LifeStream is committed to maintaining a safe and plentiful
supply of blood products for its hospital partners. This can only happen
if the residents of the communities served are engaged in its mission of
helping to save lives by connecting donors and patients through the gift of
blood. Voluntary, healthy blood donors are needed to assist surgical and
trauma patients, transplant recipients, premature infants and cancer
patients. To meet emergency and ongoing patient need, LifeStream must
receive 500 voluntary blood donations daily in order to support 175,000
transfusions annually. Blood donations are always needed to maintain a safe
inventory of blood and blood components required to directly support the
medical care of area patients.

LifeStream obtains about 60 percent of its blood collection from community blood drives, utilizing eight mobile units that crisscross the region daily to conduct mobile blood drives at schools, churches, hospitals, businesses, government offices, and service organizations. These drives are popular links to the community, going “to the donor” to make donation less time-consuming and more efficient. Frequently, the public is introduced to LifeStream by the distinctive design and presence of a mobile unit; this first impression can lead to better awareness and education on the need for blood donation. Often, lifelong donors make their first blood donation at a community drive.

The community counts on LifeStream to provide blood products
and services to local hospital patients. Your financial gift can make a
difference in your community today, tomorrow and always. One blood donation assists multiple patients. One financial donation can multiply that generous spirit many times over.

Thank you for supporting LifeStream. It is through your
generosity we are able to save lives!

Team Captain

Jill Eaton Jill Eaton