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"Team Jake" a team to help the The Jake Koenigsdorf Foundation raise funds for addicts and alcoholics seeking long term recovery solutions


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Our Mission:

“The Jake Koenigsdorf Foundation educates the affected and raises money for addicts and alcoholics who are ready and willing to get clean yet have no financial resources available to find a long term recovery solution.”

What do we do?

We assist these willing addicts seeking recovery by providing knowledge and grant funding for entry into facilities that provide low coast, high quality services with a framework which fosters ownership of their addiction and enables the addict to work towards a solution for long term recovery. We’ve also quickly become an easily accessible and free resource for parents and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. By giving them direct access to those that have survived both sides of the disease of addiction, we hope that they are better able to cope with the tragedy in their own lives.

We want Jake’s Foundation to be a force for change in the addiction community. If one addict survives because of what we do here, then Jake did not die in vain.

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