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"Team Jacob" a team to help the Kristin Brooks Hope Center...


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Dedicated social media professionals from around the country and beyond banding together in memory of Jacob Weiskopf and to support, an online crisis line that helps those who need support at the darkest moments.

If the "24-7 Giving Challenge" meets its $50,000 goal, the IMALIVE chat service will be available 24 hours per day until August 2014. Think of the good that can do.

That's only 2500 people giving $20 each. And if you donate, you might win some fun prizes:

  • $25 Deck of Suicide Prevention Playing Cards
  • $50 KBHC Gift Pack (Deck of cards, UV Sunglasses, Stress Ball, Frisbee Flyer, Blue October Tee Shirt)
  • $100 Frank Warren Signed Galley Page, free eBook of Geoff Livingston’s novel Exodus
  • $500 Autographed Journey T-Shirt
  • $1000 Complete autographed Frank Warren book set

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Bob LeDrew Bob LeDrew

  1. Anne WeiskopfAnne... 09/14/2013 at 10:48 AM ET
    The donation I am making is from my Dad, Bob Roston - in honor and loving memory of his grandson.