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"Team "It's All In Your Head" a team to help the STUDENT ATHLETES FOR EDCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES...


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The SAFEO "Its All In Your Head" team specifically seeks to educate inner-city youth on the recognition and proper management of concussions as well as the prevention of such injury. It also seeks to motivate young people to pledge that they will acknowledge when they have sustained a head injury while participating in any type of sports’ activity—pledging that they will alert their coaches, teachers, parents, and other adults so that they can be properly screened and treated by a certified neurological physician. For this effort, we are focusing on all primary athletic activities in which youth are engaged, including those activities that are off the radar for concussion occurrence e.g., skateboarding and soccer.

“Each year, school-related contact sports cause about four million concussions. Kids playing football, soccer, and ice hockey are the most likely to end up in the emergency room (ER) as a result of such brain injuries.” says Dr. Margot Putukian, the director of athletic medicine at Princeton University. “Children aged 11 to14 are the most susceptible to head injuries, on and off the field, because they are most likely to take ill-considered risks,” Putukian said. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports for 2001-2005 estimates indicate that, on average, each year there were 109,550 skateboard-related ER visits in the US and of these, 4.8 percent suffered a TBI

SAFEO’s TEAM effort is directed to young, inner city athletes and their parents, coaches, and teachers, largely minority, and typically the last to be informed about the occurrence or repercussions of concussion. Our aim is to insure that these groups are provided important awareness and preventive information that can mitigate or avert the serious effects concussion can have, not only on the field, but also in the classroom and in their daily living activities. Special efforts will be made to provide materials in other languages so that community residents, whose primary language is other than English, are well-informed.

Starting in October 2011 we will

We will initiate year around activities in the locations heavily populated by our target audience. Provisionally, we have selected major sporting events including high school, college and professional sporting activities, recreation centers, churches, parents and teachers associations, coaches association, events hosted by nuerological experts as the sites for our concussion awareness activities. These locations coincide with those where heavy football, basketball, ice hockey, skateboarding and soccer activities are present and where there are other substantial groups of parents coaches and other concerened stakeholders are present.

As part of our effort, we will host a series of community outreach, awareness, and prevention information activities that will include:hosting an information booth at selected high school and college football, basketball, soccer and skateboarding events. At these events, we will set up an "It's All In Your Head" sign up station and informational booth, whereby, young people and their parents will be provided information on concussion, what it is, how it manifests, and what to do if symptoms occur. Each young person will be issued a pledge card that they sign, which commits them to informing their coaches, parents, teachers, and other responsible adults if and when they sustain any head injuries and committing them to request medical attention. The youth will carry the card at all times, with the card listing the warning signs and symptoms, as a reminder to young sports players.

Community information forums at area churches, schools, recreation centers, and neighborhood group meetings.SAFEO will work with neighborhood churches, schools, recreation centers, and/or community groups to schedule concussion awareness presentations before their various youth constituencies. SAFEO will work according to an aggressive schedule of hosting at least three meetings of this kind during our stay in each city. We will also launch a website page with links to official information incorporate into its existing website a highly visible portal link that takes visitors to key information on concussion and youth, including links to the CDC's website, and also to an array of videos that discuss the impact of concussion on youth and preventive measure that can be taken. The portal will be structured in such a way as to target specific audiences by type (i.e., parents, coaches, educators, Spanish-speaking stakeholders, etc.).

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