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Hi, my name is Greg and I'm about to embark on a great journey and you guys and girls will be able to join me. first off I would like to think you for your time it means a lot to me and all the wonderful people you could potentially help, next I would like to fill you in on what I'm doing and why. On July 10 I will begin my walk across the united States in order to rase money for cance, i have a very good friend who has batted with cancer three times in the last ten years he first got cancer when he was nine years old and over this time it has taken its toll on his body and some of his Beautiful features, all he wants is to be treated like a normal person I know it bothers him though he won't admit it hurts him but because he's tough he fights though it.. but you would be to after all he's been through. This is about more than just donations.... This all of this is about hope. See this money maybe just a small drop in the bucket but if it gives one person battling cancer or any other illness enough hope to continue to fight then we have done our job, so let's give them something to fight for gays , anything will help even your story feel free to share the love.

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