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Team Hope is restoring the Hope River Trail nestled in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to its natural glory.


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The Hope River is a majestic site in Jamaica nestled in the Blue Mountains, with cascading waterfalls and natural pools. Absolutely breathtaking.

Unfortunately, over the years, this place of wonder has gotten overrun with garbage. A lot of garbage. I mean tons of garbage. Thousands of bottles, plastic bags, and food waste. It's heart breaking.

This project has 5 goals:

1) Clean up the 3 mile trail ($6500)

2) Engage the local community so that they are invested in keeping the trail clean ($2000)

3) Install artistic garbage receptacles so that people are inspired to throw their waste in a proper place ($6000)

4) Develop 3 beauty spots ($2000)

5) Fund ongoing garbage collection ($3000)

The goals are in priority order. Partial funding will be used to incrementally achieve each goal.

Team Captain

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