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"Team Freedom- Hub Run 5K" running together to raise money to help Destiny Rescue provide rescue and restoration from sexual slavery.


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Katie Seidel

Team Freedom! Hub Run 5K (Crown Point, Jun 14)

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Thinking about children being kept as sexual slaves is a horrifying reality and sometimes feels too overwhelming to think about. For years, this issue has broken my heart but I didn't know how I could help do anything about it. That's when last year I simply started a team to run in the Hub Run, a local 5K, with the purpose of benefiting a national organization to help against the fight against child sex trafficking. This year we are running again to raise money for Destiny Rescue, which is an organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They not only rescue, but they also provide safe homes, education, and restoration to victims.

Sometimes it's hard to see how we can make a difference toward such an overwhelming issue, but together, we can! Our team members commit to raising or giving $100 each to Destiny Rescue. We also encourage others to give a one time gift. Last year we raised $2,200 and this year we are hoping for more! We can't do everything, but together we can do what we can and this is one small way our collective efforts will really make a difference. $1,500 will free one child from slavery. Please join our team or make a donation! Thank you!

Here are specific team details:

Hub Run is Saturday, June 14 at 10am

$100 donation toward Destiny Rescue for each person or family

$20 Hub Run registration fee for 5K run; $12 for 2K walk; less for kids- t-shirt is included

Thank you again for your support!

Rachel Collins

We will also have team t-shirt with our team info and Destiny Rescue logo on them- price TBD but it will be $5-$10 each.

Team Captain

Rachel Collins Rachel Collins

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