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A team for Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills

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"Team Freedom" a team to help the Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills...

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Would you want to spend your lige in chains? Dogs DO NOT want to either but they do not have a choice. So many dogs spend their entire lives chained without comfort or care. On July 27th at 9am I will be chaining myself to my fence for 24 hours. I am only one person but I hope with your help to raise $1,000. Every dollar raised will go to help animals in need. Your donation can free a dog from the chains that hold them. Every dollar helps. You have $1 in the cushions of your couch! PLEASE HELP. Your dollars will help animals in need with vet care, food, shelter, rehab, or even re homing. Help us help them.

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Kristina Jones Kristina Jones

  1. Kristina JonesKristina... 06/27/2014 at 02:06 PM ET
    Every dollar counts!!!