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Support Team Exercise Your Rights to help sustain the fight for Fair Development and the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign!


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It is an exciting time at the United Workers! We are training for our 1st Walk/Run & Children's Race on November 2, 2013 to raise funds to sustain our fight for Fair Development and universal healthcare. Team Exercise Your Rights is a collective of United Workers leaders ranging from seniors to youth with a goal of raising $10,000.

Sponsor Team Exercise your Rights by donating today. Your donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, or more, will help sustain our growing network of Human Rights Committees across Baltimore and throughout Maryland (currently in 10 Counties.) Human Rights Committee members participate in year-long study courses on political economy, history, human rights, and current struggles for social and economic justice. They transform this knowledge into action, fighting for Fair Development and human rights in our communities. Together through collective action, we are organizing to:

·Ensure Work with Dignity for all publicly-subsidized development projects. This spring the members of the Fair Development Campaign and several other unions won an agreement with Caesar’s casino for a fair process to organize that will result in living wage jobs with health benefits. The Casino is expected to employ over 1,000 workers through restaurants and gaming.

·Fight for full funding for neighborhood recreation centers (many of whom were recently closed) and fire stations. In 2012, our West Baltimore Human Rights Committee successful kept both the Truck 10 fire station and James McHenry Recreation Center open.

·Build a housing justice movement in Baltimore to win permanently affordable housing through the establishment of a Baltimore city land bank and neighborhood-based community land trusts which would transform vacant housing and land into a resource for strengthening affordable housing and communities.

·Demand health impact assessment and access to air quality monitoring equipment for Curtis Bay and the proposed trash burning incinerator[MF1] . This incinerator is to be built less than a mile from Benjamin Franklin High School, which is a violation of state law. Our Human Rights Committee at the school is organizing to protect the health of students and the community.

·Statewide county-based Human Rights Committees are organizing for universal healthcare, most recently organizing speak outs and gearing up for a big action on Oct 26th.


The United Workers is a human rights 501c3 organization led by the poor to end poverty. United Workers was founded in 2002 in an abandoned firehouse turned homeless shelter. Since our beginning we understood the need to build worker and community power by organizing against the political and economic structures that perpetuate poverty. From 2004 through 2008 we organized homeless temporary workers who cleaned Camden Yards stadium. We succeeded at raising wages from $4/hour [MF2] in 2004 to the current living wage of $12.91/hour and developed a large grouping of low-wage worker leaders. The United Workers' all-member Leadership Council then decided to take on Baltimore’s highly-subsidized development system. For years, city leaders have subsidized developers with Billions in public funds and tax breaks, while cutting resources previously dedicated to low-income communities, schools, rec centers, and fire stations. The results have largely failed Baltimore residents, creating mostly poverty-wage jobs at places like the Inner Harbor. In Fall 2008 we launched the Fair Development Campaign to hold accountable developers, employers, city development agencies, and city leaders for a failed development model that subsidizes wealthy developers without human rights standards to ensure work with dignity, healthcare, education, and that communities are able to meet their needs. In 2011 we began organizing Human Rights Committees across Maryland, which has developed human rights campaigns and leadership in almost half of all Maryland counties.

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