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"Team Esperanza" a team fundraiser to help the ESPERANZA EDUCATION FUND INC...


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We offer (1) local immigrant students and students born of two immigrant parents; (2) who are seniors in District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia high schools; (3) $5,000 and $10,000 scholarships; (4) to attend public (e.g. “state”) colleges and universities. There are many scholarships in the capital region. Here’s what makes ours special:

  • Our scholarships are financed by the communities we serve. Many scholarships rely on corporate sponsorships or private endowments. We raise our funds from individuals, businesses and institutions in the capital region itself.
  • We make long-term, capital- and time-intensive investments in our students. Most scholarships provide smaller awards of $250 to $2,500 and have no further contact with recipients. We award $5,000 for two-year degrees and $10,000 for four-year degrees, and enroll all Esperanza Scholars into an intensive academic and professional Mentorship Program.
  • We serve all immigrant students regardless of national origin, ethnicity, and immigration status.   The most prestigious scholarships open to immigrant students, e.g. the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarships Fund, typically limit their awards on the basis of ethnicity and immigration status. We target and serve all immigrants, from Bolivian to Japanese, from citizen to non-citizen.

Our effectiveness is multiplied by our absence of overhead—we are an all-volunteer organization with no offices. This means that more of each dollar donated goes to our students.

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