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"Team Equi-Ed" a team to collect pledges for the horses of Equi-Ed


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Together, the staff, students, volunteers and community supporters can make a difference in the lives of our program horses and thus in the lives of the students they serve.

Monies generated from this fundraiser will support the horses of Equi-Ed in order to provide the exceptional care they so justly deserve. Why is this important? Because horses that are fit, healthy and happy can best provide life changing rides and interactions to our students with special needs.

In 1993 Equi-Ed Therapeutic Riding program was founded to serve the California counties of Sonoma and Napa. Since that time it has offered a therapeutic modality whose benefits are uniquely provided by a horse. By being on top of a horse the rider receives the sensory input of the three dimensional qualities of the natural human gait; for individuals with physical limitations this is an experience that cannot be obtained or replicated in a clinic setting. To be free from the hindrances of a wheelchair, crutches, walker, learning disability, visual impairment or other special need, the rider experiences an unparalleled sense of freedom. To take up the reins, guiding and controlling the horse’s movement, provides a sense of empowerment many individuals with disabilities feel has been taken from them. The connection and communication that occurs between the rider and their mount doesn't need language or arms or legs for that matter! These specially selected horses give their riders the opportunity to participate in a mainstream sport or leisure activity where they experience a sense of inclusion, acceptance and competence that may not happen anywhere else in their lives.

Every Stride Impacts a Life- help Equi-Ed's horses continue to make this a reality.

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