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A team for Reach Potential Movement

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$8,985 raised of $14,000

Team Dream4College 2014 is working together to sponsor 400 children to participate in this year's Dream4College.


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Bradley Quarton

The Dream Team: Dreaming4College 2014!

24 $2,820


Bridget McNiel

Bridget's Buddies - Silicon Valley Gives for Dream4College 2014

9 $810


Mo Brewster

Svalstad Family Making a Difference!

9 $690


Lenore Lovoi

Help Make the Dream Come True!

7 $375


Christy Tonge

Help kids dream for their future & become our LEADERS of tomorrow!!

5 $1,605


Brad Davis

Davis Family Dream4College 2014

5 $1,345


Kimberly Copher

Kimberly's Konnections raising support for Dream4College 2014

4 $1,095


Aimee Lopez

Aimee Lopez fundraising for USC Team, Dream4College 2014

2 $70


Julie Pederson

Dream4College 2014

2 $105


Judith Crates

Judy Crates fundraising for Team Dream4College 2014

1 $70

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  • Aimee Lopez: RPM is making a difference in people's lives
    about Aimee Lopez fundraising for USC...

Thanks for helping us reach out in in our effort to spread the dream through Dream4College. We are here to support you, so if you have any questions or need any assistance please send a note to myself, Brad Davis, at We can even setup the site for you as needed.

If you are here to setup your own landing page, then please see the following instructions:

  1. Select the green "Fundraise" button to the right.
  2. Enter your team name in the "Fundraiser Name" box. Feel free to use your name or choose something creative or fun.
  3. Select "Start Fundraising"
  4. At this point you will probably be asked to login (if you already have a Razoo account), register a new account, or login with your facebook/google profile. Choose what is appropriate for your situation.
  5. After logging in you should be at your brand new landing page!
  6. Choose "Edit" to begin customization and make one or more of the following changes in any order:
  7. Make the summary specific for your goal and audiance.
    • Add a personal note above the existing "Tell your story", or completely replace the text in this box.
    • Set a goal amount (optional)
    • Add some suggested donations amount that you think are appropriate for your connections. We suggest having three different values, and here are some ideas to choose from:
      • $35 - Can provide 1 youth a full sponsorship to participate in RPM's Dream-4-College Project incldg T-shirt
      • $70 - Can provide 2 youth with full sponsorships incdg. T-shirts
      • $140 - can provide 4 full sponsorships, incldg T-shirts
  8. Choose the "Images/Video" tab to choose some photos/videos. If you have some of your own from past Dream4College programs then this would be a great place. Otherwise please choose one or more from our repository,
  9. Feel free to select the "Thank Donors" tab and write a personal thank-you note.

That's it! You are ready to start sharing your landing page with your family, friends, college or high school network, work network, or anyone else you think has a heart for Education.

Team Captain

Bridget McNiel Bridget McNiel