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Peanuts are a major crop in Haiti used for nourishment and medicinal purposes. Help us save lives and provide jobs in Haiti!


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Hi Razooians!

For our organizational communication final project, our team has chosen to fundraise on behalf of Zafen; a funding source used to empower and support the growth of Haitian businesses and social projects that do not qualify for traditional bank loans and otherwise would not have access to capital.

Specifically, we chose to raise money to assist the Federation Des Associations De Femmes De Maissade (FAM) in their efforts to stabalize the price of peanuts by purchasing 1,200 pots of peanuts which make up the composition of four of its products (enriched cassava, peanut butter, chanm chanm and AK 100).

Please help us raise money to help fund this project! Peanuts are a major crop in Haiti used for nourishment and medicinal purposes for children. The group is seeking a $7,500 loan via in total; however, a donation of any size would be sincerely appreciated. Help us save lives and provide jobs!

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Arielle Thompson Arielle Thompson

  1. Stephanie ArroyoStephanie... 03/17/2013 at 12:37 AM ET
    Help us help FAM!
  2. Hannah HoltgeertsHannah... 03/16/2013 at 10:55 PM ET
    This is such a unique, important cause!