Team CPS 2015

A team for Community Partnership School

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$9,780 raised of $25,000
($9,280 online, $500 offline)

A team for runners dedicated to supporting the mission of Community Partnership School.


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Team Lombard International

Team Lombard International

$2,850 25


Holly Bailey

Holly Bailey

$2,080 26


Jessica LeBow

Jess LeBow CPS Half Marathon

$1,260 21


Haley Samsi

Haley Samsi for Team CPS

$1,135 28


Amber Gay

Amber's Half Marathon for Community Partnership School

$725 12


David Glassner

David Glassner for Team CPS

$650 4


Nkenge Rush-Hall

Proud Parent of CPS.

$355 4



Team RayJay for CPS

$335 5


Elena Dokova

Elena Dokova for Team CPS

$325 4


Nate Seidle

Nate Seidle Team CPS

$65 3

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Community Partnership School is an elementary school in North Central Philadelphia that provides an affordable, independent education to children from low-income backgrounds.

Donors keep Community Partnership School vibrant and independent while directly offsetting tuition for our dedicated students and families. While families pay tuition on a sliding scale, we partner with our generous supporters - comprised of independent individuals, corporations, and foundations - to cover up to 95% of the cost to provide a truly high quality educational experience for our students and families.

You can help provide scholarships to children who need them by running with Team CPS!

Help support CPS in this year's Philadelphia Marathon (November 20-22) and you'll get access to:

  • Networking and Team Runs
  • Official Team CPS Shirt
  • Fundraising Support
  • Weekly prizes leading up to the marathon
  • A chance to celebrate at an exclusive post-marathon reception
  • Recognition at a Team CPS happy hour in December

This year's goal of $25,000 covers the entire cost of two full student scholarships. Your participation helps students access a top tier education that will open doors for them in middle school, high school, and beyond.

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