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"Team Corgi!" a team to help the SECONDHAND HOUNDS in their quest to rescue animals (And Corgis!)

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Anitra Francis

1st Annual Team Corgi for 2nd Annual No Kill Walk for Animals

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Casey Quick

Team Corgi 2012

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Heather & Tanner Boo Tan

1st Annual Team Corgi for 2nd Annual No Kill Walk for Animals

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We here at Team Corgi take our job very seriously. We're here to make raise some cash, and that is what we'll do. A corgi would never take time off for a nap, or to frap, for some noms, or some belly rubs. Not us, never. Ok, well maybe after YOU help us to reach our goal. And if there's one thing we're good at, it's setting goals that are WAY up there, cause we're way down here, lookin' up, high in the sky, at our field of dreams.

We are on a mission for Secondhand Hounds. In the past two years, Secondhand Hounds has saved and re-homed 23 purebred corgis and nearly 40 corgi mixes. Them's a lot of pantaloons, folks. Us corgi gals take our job seriously. So please, help us save more corgis. Help us show the world the power of the corgi. With all of you, we can reach the sky, even from way down low : )

We here at Team Corgi are setting a fundraising goal of.... $2000. You heard it. Now let's do it! A big heartfelt BAROOOOOO to all of you : )

Team Captain

Casey Quick Casey Quick