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"Team Cloutier" a team to help the CAMP ODAYIN...


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Kris Overlund

Team Cloutier

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  • marg overlund: Thanks Krisi....hope this helps
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  • Lisa Nelson: Thanks Kris for doing this walk! What a giving thing to do!...
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  • Angela Cameron: Gald I could help go Kris!!!!
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  • Tessa Syverson: Happy to contribute! Thanks for posting it Kris! What a great camp!...
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Donate any amount of money for Camp Odayin so they can send children with heart disease to camp. Camp Odayin is a place where parents of children with heart disease can rest easy knowing that Camp Odayin has trained medical staff and doctors that know how to treat children with heart disease. They provide safety while the kids can also have an exciting time with friends.

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