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$5,499 raised of $100,000

One Day, $100K for Casa, Because Together, We’re Building Community!


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Joy Cho

GCCC Burke|Fairfax|McLean Small Groups

$2,120 13


Ivan Chen

GCCC Dunn Loring Small group for Casa Chirilagua

$1,980 9


Phil Oh

GCCC Vienna Small Group

$800 7


Eastern Market Great Commission Community Church

GCCC Eastern Market Small Group

$702 4


Esther Chu

GCCC DC College Small Group

$500 1


Anastasia de Santos

GCCC women's group

$469 2


Lola Pak

GCCC Rosslyn Small Group

$400 5


Brinia Hurh

N. Arlington / Falls Church

$320 4


David Muehlke

GCCC Crystal City Small Group

$220 5


Downtown Bethesda Small Group

Amigos de Casa Chirluaga

$140 3


Delwyn Lee

GCCC Nauck Small Group

$100 2


David Huang

Rockville, MD Small Group

$40 0


Scott Hiroshige

GCCC Alexandria Small Group

$10 1


Sam Kim

GCCC Men's Group

$0 0

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Casa Chirilagua is a community of people "learning together to love our neighbor as ourselves" in the Arlandria neighborhood of Alexandria. Every investment you make in Casa Chirilagua helps us develop relationships with families to see the Chirilagua neighborhood transformed by Christ.

Together, we're building community through:

  • Kids Club: providing children a safe, nurturing, and academically supportive after school environment
  • A Mentoring Program: matching Kids Club students with a caring mentor builds confidence through one-on-one time and new learning experiences
  • Middle School and High School Student Bible Studies: laying a strong spiritual foundation and facilitating developmental and social support though evening, weekend, and extracurricular activities
  • A Professional Role Model Series: helping prepare High School students for college and the workforce
  • A Local Leaders Program motivating local college/young adult leaders with job experience, professional development & mentoring, and support for continuing education
  • Family Dinner Nights strengthening families by sharing food and fellowship and building communal unity and trust
  • A Parents Committee investing themselves thoroughly in their children's well-being
  • Christian Community Development classes building deeper relationship, cross-cultural bridges, and studying what God's Word says about empowering communities while addressing injustices as the people of God

For more details about Casa Chirilagua, visit our website:

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