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Running with purpose to raise funds to help support children and youth at Bethesda House of Mercy church in El Alto, Bolivia.

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Jared Ahrens

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Two years ago, our church (Harvest Community Church) first sent a team to explore potential partnerships with local churches in Bolivia through Bright Hope International. We felt led to Bethesda church in El Alto and are excited about our unfolding relationship with them. Bethesda is committed to reaching out in their community, specifically through their children's program. Each day, up to 90 children come to their church, and they provide a safe place for kids to play, work on homework, receive a meal, and learn about Jesus. The program is building hope and faith in Jesus Christ in young Bolivians, raising them up to be future leaders and difference makers for the Kingdom.

We are inviting people from our church who are veteran or rookie runners to run a race and to do it with a purpose by inviting family and friends to give to Bethesda for their running efforts. Our goal is to raise at least $3,000 as a team to help continue the ministry of Bethesda's children's program. It costs about $30/month per child to attend the children's program. So we'll be able to take care of 9 children for a year through people's generous giving!

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Jared Ahrens Jared Ahrens

  1. Jared AhrensJared Ahrens 08/21/2013 at 03:42 PM ET
    Hey Team Bethesda! How is the training going? Keep at it (or get started)! Remember that every run matters and you are running for more than yourself but for God and what He is doing in the children's program @ Bethesda!