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2015 Run for Radcliffe - Team Babylon


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Betsy Babylon

2015 Run for Radcliffe -Team Babylon

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I am pretty lucky. Every day, I get to see a school changing lives. Including my son's.

Every day, I see teachers teaching children to LOVE learning. I see them hugging students, I see them guiding hands, I see them patting backs and clapping. And sometimes I see them pulling teeth out.

Every day, I see kids EXCITED about school. I see them skipping to class, moving around in the classroom, I see them welcoming new friends, I see them encouraging each other. I see them understanding that what makes someone different is actually what makes them unique, and perfect.

I know first hand what it feels like to have a child whose needs cannot be met in a traditional learning environment. And I know the challenge that accompanies making a Radcliffe education a financial possibility.

The Run for Radcliffe is crucial fundraising tool for this outstanding school and Team Babylon is again asking you to offer what you can to help the cause!

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Betsy Babylon Betsy Babylon