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We are running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon with GIRL POWER 2 CURE INC in honor of Abby Genzlinger and all the girls with Rett Syndrome!


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Emily Genzlinger

Running for Abby!

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Running for Abby

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  • Hilary P Glenn: Emily is so awesome - she's ALWAYS there for her sister Abby! Go team!...
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  • Jennifer C Grimley: Such a great cause! So proud to see you are still running!
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  • David J Dee: Go Neil, Emily and the whole team!!!
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  • patricia kidell: Abby is a true fighter. She encourages me every day. Go team Abby!...
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  • Katharine Curtin: Run, Carrie, Run! Love, support and best wishes to Abby and her entire...
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  • Neil Genzlinger: The last comment was from Abby to Carrie--I don't know how Neil got on there!
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  • Neil Genzlinger: Your sister donated to my sister, so I'm donating to you! Love and Thanks,...
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  • Kathryn J Connor: Yea, Neil! I'm on your team as us "old" people need to stick together!...
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  • Benjamin Nemser: My friend from high school is running for her sister. I spent my childhood...
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We are all friends and family of Abby Genzlinger. Abby is 15 years old, and she has a disability called Rett Syndrome. Because of this horrible disease, Abby cannot speak or use her hands well. She has seizures and scoliosis, and a few years ago she actually had to get major spinal surgery and was hospitalized for almost a month. But, in spite of all this, Abby continues to maintain a positive attitude and is an individual that can be loved, respected and admired. We are determined to push ourselves to complete this half marathon in her honor. And, as we train, we will remember that she needs to push herself like this, and probably even harder, every single day just to communicate. Please consider making a donation or joining our team to help give Abby and others with Rett Syndrome a voice and fight for a cure!

To learn more about Rett Syndrome and why we run, visit:

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Emily Genzlinger Emily Genzlinger

By running for Rett!

  1. Neil GenzlingerNeil... 01/13/2013 at 05:18 PM ET
    That last post was from Abby! I don't know how Neil's name got on there!