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Strategically empowering the teachers of Mtwara to improve the education of Tanzanian children.


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A small team of four educators is traveling to Mtwara, Tanzania in 23 short days.

While in Mtwara, we will be observing primary classrooms and leading workshops for teachers. For my part, I will be leading sessions give teachers instructional strategies for teaching reading comprehension.

We will be traveling under Strategic Global Impact , a non-profit sending board for missionaries based in Virginia Beach. It’s founders were missionaries in Tanzania who started a bible college in Mtwara and formed the foundational relationships that have opened the doors for us to work with the Ministry of Education and the government schools.

The importance of primary education in Tanzania is undervalued and classrooms can have upwards of 100 students. Teachers struggle under the burden of lack of resources and training. My goal is to empower the teachers I will serve and give them some tools to improve the quality and outcomes of their instruction.

We're so excited about this opportunity, but in order to do it we need your prayer and financial support.

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