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"...Teach a Man to Fish..." a team to help the COMMUNITY MEMBERS INTERESTED... #GivingTuesday

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Dorje Gurung

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Jayjeev Hada

...Teach a Man to Fish...

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COMMITTED's "...Teach a Man to Fish..." team is raising funds during Razzo's #GivingTuesday campaign for our Social Busines for Education (SBE) project, the Fishery, at Raithane school.

Currently, we have US$20,000 for the project, using some of which we have already initiated the fishery. Our goal is to raise the additional US$45,000. required for the project. It will take about two years for the project to complete.

What's a Social Business for Education (SBE) project?

SBE is an income-generating program, profits from which will be used mainly to run and support free, mandatory, and quality education at local government or community schools we serve. Village development projects will use the rest of the profits. Both the community and the school will participate directly in the planning, implementing and running of the business.

How will it benefit our target community?

Cooperative based Fishery as a Social Business for education will address the following issues in Thangpalkot where Raithane School is situated:

  1. Literacy and quality education;
  2. Poverty;
  3. Community development needs such as access, transportation, health, and other social needs; and
  4. Civil society engagement with the establishment of a Community Development Plan (CDP).

To the school children, the fishery will serve as a science resource. Middle (6-8) and high school (9-10) children could benefit from the opportunities to do project-based Science (about the fishery). The science that the students could do is endless from simple data analysis (number, size, growth etc.) to pattern in growth, to nutrition, to ecology etc. As a science teacher, I would be heavily involved in implementing this aspect of the curriculum with the resident science teacher. Involving the students will not only help them learn science by doing science, but also impart vital transferrable skills. The 11-12 graders studying business could again learn from it by looking at the business side of the venture.

In assisting households to take up integrated fishery as an income generating activity, the project will help reduce poverty. As a significant part of the profits generated from the proposed fishery will be used to cover the school's operational costs, the community will be able to offer free education. The resulting cost savings at the household level could be used towards food security, health, and other critical household needs. The families themselves can take advantage of the nursery, should they choose to start their own small-scale private fishery, to supplement their income. To help with that, household integrated fish farming training will also be provided.

Formulation of the CDP will improve civil society engagement during the process of identifying the community's development needs, outlining its priorities, and participating in the implementation of the projects. Local stakeholders will formulate CDP in partnership with, and endorsed by, the local government as the VDC's CDP. The remaining part of the income generated by the venture will be spent based on priorities identified in the VDC endorsed plan, such as improving access to the village and beyond, improving health care facilities etc.

The community will be expected to take part actively in all the planning and implementation phases of not just the fishery project but also all the education-related projects, if not directly, then through different committee membership. Tools and strategies will be introduced throughout the course of the projects to not only make sure high level of participation from the community, but also to educate them about accountability and transparency in development work. In the process, the hope is to build their capacity and empower them to ask and raise questions about accountability and transparency in all such activities.

Team Captain

Dorje Gurung Dorje Gurung

By asisting rural Nepalese childrens' dreams to take flight through education.